A chance to collaborate

Born Magazine is seeking artists interested in collaborating with writers to create experimental, interactive projects for two sections of the magazine:

  1. Just Born features cinematic and interactive interpretations of short genres such as poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction. For this section of the magazine, designers collaborate with writers to create an original media-rich project that interprets the writer’s original work.

    Design guidelines:
    Artists interested in creating interpretations of short literary works may send design portfolio samples (2MB maximum) and/or URLs via email to the online curator.
  2. The Birthing Room features media-rich art that explores storytelling using interactive media, animation, design, and other approaches. Collaborative teams create an original concept and work from scratch. Teams can include writers, artists, musicians, programmers, and others. Projects can range from interpretations of classic literature to experiments in narrative or visual storytelling.

    Popular approaches to Birthing Room collaboration include:
  • Designer-created team
    Artists can collaborate with programmer(s) and/or writer(s) of their choosing. All participants should submit portfolios of their work and a brief proposal (1-2 paragraphs) outlining their concept.
  • Matchmaking
    Born matches artists and writers who are interested in collaborating to create an original work. The team then develops the concept together and submits a brief proposal to Born.
  • Interpretation
    Artist(s) submit a proposal to interpret a work of their choice. All stories will be reviewed by the editors to consider literary excellence and copyright permissions. If the work is covered by copyright, Born can contact the publisher/writer on behalf of the designer to obtain permission.
  • Wild Card
    Artists and writers suggest new and unique collaborations that Born has not yet thought up.

Design guidelines: Artists interested in The Birthing Room may send design portfolio samples (2MB maximum) and/or URLs via email to the online curator. You may send proposals at the same time, unless requesting matchmaking.


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