AMO Tutorial: Learn how to track submissions and sell your art

My Portfolios is one of the most helpful tools we offer here on Artist’s Market Online. It is a record keeping tool that artists, designers and photographers can use to track the status of their submissions to multiple markets.

The custom folders in My Portfolios allow you to store favorite market listings in customizable folders that make sense to you. Here’s a quick tutorial to help you start adding your work and tracking your submissions:

Part 1: Add Your Art to My Work

My Work allows you to organize the work you wish to market. Click on the appropriate My Work folder and then click Add Work.
upload your art images to My Work




Here you can add the work’s title, a description, genre, market category and an image.
add your artwork to the My Work folder










Part 2: Track Your Work in My Submissions

Once you’ve added a work, you can track it in My Submissions. There are two ways to do this.

First Way: Start with the Market

Select a market that you’ve already saved to a My Contacts folder (there’s a “Save to a Contact Folder” button on each individual market listing). Here I’ve clicked on A.T. Associates in the My Markets folder. From the pull-down menu I’ve selected the work I am submitting: 2012 PM. Click submit.






Second Way: Start with the Work

First select the work you want to submit under My Work. Let’s click on 2012 PM. Then click Submit Work to a Contact.
track your artwork under My Submissions


Create a Submission

Whether you start with the work or the market, the next step is to create a submission. Complete any fields you like and click the save button.










Now you will be able to track this submission in the My Submissions folder.
track your art in the My Submissions folder
Pretty simple, right? To get even more out of your Artist’s Market Online subscription, check out this tutorial for saving your market searches to receive automatic market updates.

Keep creating and good luck!


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