And…we’re back!

Well, the AGDM blog is back, but I’m actually here for the first time. Let me introduce myself: I’m Mary Bostic. I’ve been an editor for North Light Books and IMPACT Books for several years, and I’m excited to be the new editor of Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and Photographer’s Market.

A lot has happened since we were last in touch through this blog. For starters, the 2010 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market is now available. Check it out for new tips, articles, interviews and, of course, listings. The 2011 edition is now well underway, and it promises to provide some great articles and a boatload of new listings, so stay tuned.

We’re also very excited to announce the upcoming launch of Artist’s Market Online. AMO is slated to go live at the end of the summer and will provide readers with everything AGDM has to offer and then some. You’ll be able to search listings, track your submissions, exchange ideas and advice with other artists and designers and much more. You can purchase a subscription to the website, or buy the 2011 edition of AGDM and you’ll get the best of both worlds with a free 1-year subscription to AMO.

I promise we won’t stay silent for so long again, so please sign up for our blog and newsletter (also to be resurrected soon). I’ll post a few times a week with updates about the book and website, news about upcoming contests and workshops, interesting art-related tidbits, and the occasional random musing (mostly art-related but sometimes otherwise).

Mary Burzlaff Bostic
Editor, Web and Print


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