And….they’re off! 2012 AGDM and PM listings campaign begins

This week we officially began our campaign to find new market listings for the 2012 editions of Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and Photographer’s Market. I guess the work really began last fall when we started researching and gathering contact info, but this week I revamped the questionnaires we use to build new listings and began the email campaign (we send the questionnaires to the business owners so that they can provide the most up-to-date information).

We’ve already received a number of completed questionnaires, and I’m excited about the new listings we have in store for you. I’m particularly pleased to announce that we’re adding new competitions and workshops sections to Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market (these sections are already in Photographer’s Market). Now you’ll be able to look to one place find all the competitions and workshops in your discipline and geographic location!

Next week we move on to our snail mail campaign!

Have a great weekend!


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