Artist interview with Red Nose Studio illustrator Chris Sickels available on AMO

Red Nose Studio

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Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market featured Chris Sickels, the 3D illustrator behind Red Nose Studio, back in our 2007 edition. Sickel’s whimsical illustrations have appeared in magazines, newspapers and animation for clients such as HOW magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Business Week and Spike TV. I thought new AMO readers would enjoy learning about this talented artist, so I’ve posted his original interview on Artist’s Market Online.

Sickels shares tips, tricks of the trade, as well as his inspirations and working method. Concerning his figures, he observes, “They’re not poetic, there’s no rhythm to them, there’s no math to them like a good poem. But that’s how my work is. It isn’t really graceful. It’s usually pretty awkward—like if the puppet moved, he’d fall off or he’d trip o r he’d run into a wall. It’s a bit of beauty and a bit of awkwardness. And I think that’s kind of how I am.”

Read the entire Chris Sickels interview. You can also see more of Sickels’s work on the Red Nose Studio website.



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