Interview with Illustrator and Artist Kristopher Battles, by Lisa Cyr

This is the final artist Q&A in a five-part interview series by artist and instructor Lisa L. Cyr. Like the previous interviews, this article features a Q&A with a student in the  Hartford Art School MFA program at the University of Hartford along with the promotional materials that the student made in Cyr’s promotional strategies course. This interview features illustrator and artist Kristopher Battles and his promotional materials. Enjoy!

Artist Promotion: Interview with illustrator and artist Kristopher Battles 

Kristopher Battles art

Q: Can you talk about your brand and how you were able to incorporate that vision into your promotional materials?

A: My brand is all about creating elegant images which celebrate child-like imagination as well as the beauty and wonder of the world around us. My promotional endeavors not only expresses this beauty and wonder, but also stand as well-crafted pieces of art in and of themselves.

Q: What advice can you give other illustrators/artists when it comes to self-promotion?

A: The best advice I could give to other illustrators and artists about self-promotion is to get in the game. Don’t sit around waiting for the magic to happen. Make it happen as much as you can, and keep at it until the magic actually happens.

Kristopher Battles art

Q: How has the Hartford Art School low-residency MFA Program in Illustration helped you in further realizing your career goals as an artist?

A: The Hartford Art School’s MFA Program has helped me to better understand who I am as a creative individual, focusing my creative energies on work and markets that fit with my talent and outlook on life. The program has opened my eyes to so many facets of the illustration world. It has equipped me to go out into that world with confidence and to provide something that is worthwhile.

Kristopher Battles art


The Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford has designed an elite low-residency MFA program for seasoned illustrators who seek to move their careers to the next level, while earning a master’s degree for college-level teaching.  Dr. Murray Tinkelman, Hall-of-Fame illustrator, historian and the 1999 Society of Illustrators’ Distinguished Educator in the Arts award recipient, is the director of this cutting-edge program. Tinkelman’s years of experience in the field are an asset, attracting internationally-recognized artists eager to teach under his directorship. “It is taught by professional illustrators who are also dedicated and talented educators,” comments Tinkelman. “The students who enter this program are equally committed to the field of illustration. They come from all over the world, courageously checking their egos at the door and ready to plunge right into the learning process.”


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