2017 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Cover and Articles!

R0093_500px_72dpiThe 2017 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market is headed for the printer soon! This year’s series of articles offers great information on topics such as maintaining your motivation as a freelance artist, knowing the proper etiquette when dealing with galleries, and the importance of brand marketing, in addition to several interviews with amazing artists. Check out the entire 2017 line-up:

  • Art of Business: DIY Customer Service by Jen Cushman
  • The Art of Brand Marketing by Britta Hages
  • Momentum: Finding (and Maintaining) Motivation as a Freelance Artist by Allison Ranieri
  • Make a Great Portfolio by Luke McLaughlin
  • A Class Act by Jeanne Rosier Smith
  • Taxing Situations by Leonard D. Duboff
  • Artist Assistants by Daniel Grant
  • The Perfect Pair by Jeanne Rosier Smith
  • Etiquette for Artists by Daniel Grant
  • Art and the Steal: Protecting Your Intellectual Property by Sean J. Miller
  • Dreams from Nightmares: An Interview with Peter Sís by Will Hillenbrand
  • Full Steam Ahead: Forging a Unique Business in Graphic Art: An Interview with Seth Lyons
    by Tina Topping
  • From Sardonic to Serene: Seeking the Spiritual in the Landscape: An Interview with Kevin T. Kelly
    by Daniel Brown
  • Unscripted Masterpieces: Interviews with Gilles Beloeil and Lauren Airriess by Michael Woodson

The 2017 edition will be out in October 2016 and includes a 1-year Artist’s Market Online subscription, which will give you access to the 2017 content as it becomes available. Pre-order today at www.northlightshop.com!
~ Noel

One thought on “2017 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Cover and Articles!

  1. Daniel

    I have the digital version of the A&D Market and the print version, and I have bookmarked record labels in the print version so I can find them for submitting my artwork. But, when I’m searching the digital version I can’t find anything to do with music, record, album, etc.

    I don’t always have my print version, which is why I wanted the digital, such as now so I can show a students.

    What search term do I need to find anything to do with music illustration, art, photography?




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