Greeting Cards 101

*Excerpt from the 2000 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market.
greeting cards

Greeting Cards 101:

    • Seasonal cards express greetings for holidays. (Like Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day.)
    • Everyday cards express non-holiday sentiments. Birthday cards are the most popular everyday cards. The “everyday” category includes everything from sympathy cards to notes that just say “Hi.”
    • Categories are further broken down into the following areas: traditional, humorous and alternative cards. Alternative cards feature quirky, sophisticated or offbeat humor.
    • Women buy 85 to 90 percent of all cards.
    • The average person receives eight birthday cards a year.
    • The Greeting Card Industry is also called the “Social Expressions” industry.
      According to the Greeting Card Association (GCA), the most popular card-selling holidays are:
      1. Christmas
      2. Valentine’s Day
      3. Mother’s Day
      4. Father’s Day
      5. Graduation
      6. Thanksgiving
      7. Halloween
      8. St. Patrick’s Day
      9. Jewish New Year
      10. Hanukkah
      11. Grandparent’s Day
      12. Sweetest Day
      13. Passover
      14. Secretary’s Day
      15. National Boss’s Day
      15. April Fool’s Day
      16. Nurse’s Day

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