Catching Up With Technology


Something that many artists struggle with is gaining recognition from potential buyers of their work. The Answer? Get your work out there — make it available to anyone. A lot of book publishers, magazines, galleries and other potential employers/purchasers like to see an artist’s Website. It’s seriously something to consider and well worth the investment. Plus, it makes you look a bit … well, a bit more professional.

But be careful putting your work online. Make sure it’s low resolution, copyrighted and has some kind of logo to distinguish it as yours. After all, you don’t want anybody “borrowing” it without permission.

Also, don’t give too much information. Include a resume, but don’t have your home address or phone number if you don’t want everybody to have access to these things. A simple “available upon request” will do just fine.

Technology, technology, technology
Learn Adobe products. Just do it. I found a tutorial on how to apply effects by dragging and dropping on this site. More tutorials can be found under the article, under the subhead “Related posts.”

Not only does learning about technology beef up your resume, but it gives you more options with your art. It can be tough, but if you practice and ask for help when you need it you’ll do just fine.

Can’t afford one of the Adobe suites? Head over to an open source (free, non-profit programs) site, such as SourceForge and see if there’s a free substitute that meets your needs. Enter a keyword, such as “Photoshop,” and a list of similar applications pops up. A great list of programs for Macs is available at Open Source Mac.

The best part? They have ratings, so you know the one that’s recommended by 90% of its users is probably a keeper. Plus, most of these programs work about the same as the expensive ones do — same tools and functions.

Overall, get your work out there, be available, and keep up with technology. It will help you to get a job, keep a job and stay ahead in your work.

For more tips, see the latest Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market guide in the categories of your choice. You never know what will inspire you.



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