Check out our new photo and art gallery infographics to find art galleries near you


sell your art galleries infographicAre you looking for an art gallery or photo gallery to show your work? Want to find art galleries near you or perhaps in a big art city like Santa Fe or New York? Take a look at our new art gallery and photo gallery infographics.

You can find out how many gallery listings Artist’s Market Online has for every state in the U.S. Then go over to our online database to find specific art galleries and submit your work. (Read my earlier post on how to search the art market listing database and save your searches for automatic updates.)

You can find more info on our art gallery and photo gallery pages as well as instructions for sharing these infographics. Feel free to post the infographics on your own website or blog so that your friends and followers can look for galleries too!

Have a great weekend!


sell your photography galleries infographic


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