Creative solutions for relocating and other practical problems

AMO headquarters is moving this week! Our new office is just a couple of miles away and we have the help of a well-organized moving company, but it’s still a nuisance. I have 5 years worth of stuff to toss or move, and it seems like I’ve been sorting, recycling, trashing and packing for months!

Whether you work in an office or freelance from home, relocating is just one of the many practical problems we all face at one time or another. In her 2012 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market article “Handling Problems the Creative Way,” Holly DeWolf observes, “No matter what you do in your career, there will be many bumps along the way. Call them hiccups or Hindenburgs. Either way, these disruptions can leave many of us scrambling for a solution. Don’t panic. You are not alone. No one is handed a magic wand for all the little disruptions that can come with this business. Time to get problem solving fast!”

I’m taking DeWolf’s words to heart this week. Check out her article and see if her advice can help you approach a challenge you’re facing.

Keep creating and good luck!



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