Fairey again — he's everywhere!

Check out the NOVEMBER 2007 ISSUE of JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE if you’re interested in learning more about Shepard Fairey (the subject of previous posts here and here).

From the Juxtapoz website:
   When an already declared legend has a big year, we like to give a little notice, hence Shepard Fairey gracing the cover of the November issue of Juxtapoz. And guess what! We got an exclusive never-before-seen cover and 18 pages of Obey magic. Shepard covers everything from the current state of his artwork to the future at hand for Obey Giant.

I haven’t had a chance to purchase my copy yet, but believe me, I plan to get one as soon as possible.

Although Juxtapoz does not have a listing in the 2008 AGDM, the magazine does accept what it calls “Reader Art” — here are the submission guidelines as posted on the website:

Reader Art is published every Monday. Each week, we select 1-2 pieces from six different artists who submit their work to Reader Art and post it on our website.

Reader Art is simply a forum to show art created by our readers. Mainly, it serves to show the work of students and amateur or emerging artists.

We get a lot of submissions. We cannot publish all of them, and we cannot always personally respond to everyone who submits their work. You’ll receive an automated confirmation email from us that we’ve received your submission. Your work will be seen by someone here at Juxtapoz… but because we have a large pool to choose from, we have to make decisions about who to publish and who to pass on for now. You will receive an email from us if/when we publish your work.

To submit art for the Reader Art section please note following, then send an email to reader_art@juxtapoz.com

Email vs Snailmail: We are now only accepting electronic submissions. Submissions mailed to our office may not be returned. Please use the internet.

Image Specs: Images should be 480px wide. Height may vary, but each image must be less than 100k. Please optimize your images for the web and save them as. jpg (or .gif for vector work), in RGB colors (not CMYK or Index), and at 72dpi. Non-digital artwork should be photographed clear, sharp and head on, and presented without background or white space unless the piece is an unusual shape.

Art Info: Please include the title of each piece as well as medium(s) used. The more information the better.

Your Info: Please include your name as you’d like to be credited, and your website URL…it can be your Myspace page or Livejournal or your fancy Flash-based portfolio, but there should be some way for people to contact you and/or see more of your work. If you do not include a URL, it will be assumed that we may publish your email address as contact info unless you explicitly state otherwise.

Publishing: Currently, we are publishing each artist only once.



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