Featured Market: A.T. Associates Ad Agency

Hi there, AMO fans.

Starting today, we’ve decided to start featuring one of our art, design and/or photo market listings on a weekly basis. For current AMO subscribers, we hope to bring undiscovered markets to your attention. Readers who are new to AMO will be able to see the type of helpful information you can expect from each one of our market listings.

This first featured market of the week is A.T. Associates, an advertising agency that works with both illustrators and designers. As you can see from the listing below, this market contact prefers local freelancers who have some experience. Read the complete listing for information on submission guidelines, payment and more. If you’re looking for freelance design work or want to sell your illustrations, this could be a great market contact.

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63 Old Rutherford Ave.
Charlestown, MA 02129

Phone: (617)242-6004
Website: www.atadesign.net


Estab. 1976

For Artists/Designers: Specializes in annual reports, industrial, interior, product and graphic design, model making, corporate identity, signage, display and packaging. Clients nonprofit companies, high tech, medical, corporate clients, small businesses and ad agencies. Client list available upon request.


For Artists/Designers: Approached by 20-25 freelance artists/year. Works with 3-4 freelance illustrators and 2-3 freelance designers/year. Prefers local artists, some experience necessary. Uses artists for posters, model making, mechanicals, logos, brochures, P-O-P display, charts/graphs and design.

Making Contact & Terms

For Artists/Designers: Send résumé and nonreturnable samples. Samples are filed or are returned by SASE if requested by artist. Responds only if interested. Call to schedule an appointment to show a portfolio, which should include a “cross section of your work.” Pays for design and illustration by the hour or by the project. Rights purchased vary according to project.


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