Fun Friday: Frozen Niagara Falls and Classic Paintings Spring to Life

frozen Niagara Falls

This photo from Reuters shows the partially frozen Niagara Falls.

We’re settling in for another cold, snowy weekend here in Cincinnati, so how about a little art and photography fun to warm you up? To start, the continuing cold weather brings to mind this slideshow of amazing photographs of frozen Niagara Falls, taken during last week’s Polar Vortex. Visitors and photographers have captured the partially frozen falls and the frozen mist on the surrounding landscape. It’s breathtaking (and probably felt that way to the photographers braving the frigid conditions!).
While I’m at it, I thought I’d share some other amazing art images I’ve come across in recent weeks. It seems that a lot of people have been bringing classic paintings to life in recent months:

Hugh Laurie painting

This Hugh Laurie-painting mashup won 2nd place in the Worth 1000 contest.

Last year a Worth 1000 contest asked participants to imagine contemporary celebrities as models for famous classic paintings. The resulting entries combined the likes of Angelina Jolie, Hugh Laurie, Steve Carrell and Taylor Swift with paintings by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Picasso and other famous artists. Check out all classic painting-celebrity entries here.

Hudson River School Painting

This Hudson River School landscape is the least creepy animated painting!






Ever wondered what your favorite classic paintings would look like if they came to life? This imgur selection presents classic scenes from art history, ranging from the sacrifice of Isaac to the Gross Clinic surgery lesson, springing to life. Some of the animated paintings are a little creepy, but they’re worth checking out.


Jessica Chastain, Annie Leibovitz, Gustave Klimpt

Pictured at left:
Gustav Klimt, Frauenbildnis (Portrait of Ria Munk III), 1917-1918
Photo (from left): © Property of The Lewis Collection; Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, December 2013





Finally, Vogue got in on the classic painting action with¬†Annie Leibovitz’s December 2013 cover photo shoot with Jessica Chastain. Leibovitz captured costumed Chastain in a number of classic painting scenes. See the complete Leibovitz-Chastain slideshow here.






Enjoy, keep creating and good luck!


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