Fun typography app and contest reminder

Hi there. I’m super-busy proofreading the first round of 2012 Photographer’s Market listings, but there are two quick things I wanted to share with you:

First, for typography lovers, check out the new location-based Typeplace app for the iPhone. Here’s the description of how it works: “Typeplace allows you to view photographs of stunning typography from all around the world. Users snap and upload the typography they find, then this piece of type and its location is viewable to the rest of the community.” Worth checking out. Thanks to Springwise newsletter for the tip!

Second, The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition deadline is drawing near. The last day for submissions is April 15 (Friday), and the competition is awarding more than $25,000 in cash prizes, so don’t forget to enter!

That’s it for now—more updates coming soon.




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