Have a Little Courage

*An an excerpt from 2001 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market.

little courage
Linda Maron e-mailed, “After fooling around for way too long, I finally put a portfolio of digital images together and used your resource to make a list of six greeting card and licensing companies. Within ten days of sending out the portfolios, I had sold my first designs for greeting cards and had also lined up a licensing agent! And this is without my having and prior connections or related work experience in the design field.”

For many years, Marion worked as a producer and writer of documentary films, but she decided to switch gears and follow a new path after she had a baby. “Since I had always been passionate about photography and printmaking, I decided to take a risk, I experimented with Photoshop, scanning in photographic images, then alternating them with original artwork. Obviously, I love subjects of nature, especially flowers. I ended up creating a portfolio, bought Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and read it carefully for card companies and licensing agents that seemed to be up my alley in terms of style. Currently I’m licensing designs to Renaissance Greeting Cards and signed a three-year licensing deal with Creatif Licensing Agency. I selected Creatif Licensing because of their blurb in Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market, and I really like the other artists they represent. All it took was a little time reading, making a list, then getting up the courage to submit work,” says Maron.

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    As a child, while learning to draw, I would often study my own reflection in the mirror and think about Frida. Did she know how many artists she influenced with her courage and her ability to overcome her own limitations?



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