Quick, To the Garden!

For anybody out there who can master the Rubik’s Cube or loves a puzzle,
we at AGDM have a treat for you!

Browsing through art news, this
caught our attention:


Well, for those of us who would rather not go through the trouble of buying Rubik’s Cubes in bulk and sitting through the frustration of planning a portrait of our favorite pet, a great alternative is creating mosaics.

Check out these:

It takes a little practice, but everything that you do can easily be undone, corrected and built upon. For tips and tricks about how to create superb decor for your home or garden, the North Light Shop has some great reads to help you along your way. Here are some favorites:

Garden Mosaics Made Easy — great for beginners just learning the skills of mosaic art.

Tiles Gone Wild — for those who want to mix it up and try something new.

Snazzy Jars — for anyone who wants a personal touch to anything in their home. Beginning with jars, one could move up to tables, sculptures, fancy mirrors and so much more.

Search “mosaic” in the shop for more books on the subject.



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