So Delicious!

I’m too excited about this not to “spread the love” — I just received in the mail a t-shirt that I’ve been dying to have. My artist friend Jillian designed it, as part of a series of 10 shirts that “express a message of love and unity rooted from the female experience.” Each shirt features inspiring, poetic words paired with a whimsical illustration, and together they tell a story of growth and strength.

This is the shirt I chose:


Click here to see all 10 Delicious Tees and read the uplifting story.

I really admire Jillian for her artistic vision and her courage to start her own business. Don’t you wish you could be your own boss and sell something that features your artwork? Let Jillian’s positive message inspire you to follow your heart and make your dreams come true.

And don’t forget to SPREAD THE LOVE! Tell all your friends about these amazing shirts, and consider buying one as a gift for a special lady in your life. Girls can never have too many cute shirts, especially ones that boost our confidence and promote peace!


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