Speaking Metaphorically: The Language of Visual Art

*Original excerpt from 2001 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market.

speaking metaphorically I love the flowing, lyrical style of artist Yevgenia Nayberg. Nayberg sent us a package of samples of her past illustration assignments. Much of the work she sent had been published in magazines listed in AGDM, but I couldn’t help but notice the fine art feel of her drawings. After corresponding with her via e-mail and checking out her website (www.andryushki.com/zhenya) I wasn’t surprised to learn that Nayberg has been drawing since the age of three and, like many AGDM readers, is a fine artist whose talents cross over to commercial areas. The entrance to her very effective website ties into the images predominant in her letterhead and even the mailing label on her promotional material. She’s made her site extremely easy to navigate by dividing it into four “channels” so visitors can access either her fine art, graphic design, theater deign or illustration. This makes it easier for clients and collectors to quickly find what interests them.

Nayberg was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. After graduating from one of the top art schools in the former Soviet Union, she worked as a freelance illustrator before coming to the United States in 1994. “Buying Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market was the first step I made toward my career in the United States,” she says. Nayberg has long been fascinated by verbal metaphors, and visual metaphors permeate her artwork. Her is her secret for creating work with deep layers of meaning. “When I create an illustration, I like to look for a visual equivalent of a word, for a poetic translation into the language of visual art.

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