Splash 13 Winners List

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We just got the word that the Splash 13 competition results are in (see below). Congratulations to the 115 artists selected to appear in Splash 13: Alternative Approaches! This year’s winners were selected by Rachel Wolf and the team of judges from over 1600 beautiful watercolor entries. Click here to learn more about the Splash and Strokes of Genius competitions.

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Splash 13 winners:

Neil Adamson

Akiyo Andresen

Elena Balekha

Deena S. Ball

Kay Barnes

Elise Meredith Beattie

Karla Bedard

Karen Benco

Carole Berren

Robin Berry

Judi Betts

Rached Bohsali

Dorothy Buck

Diane Cannon

Mark Cardoza

Anne Chaddock

Marguerite Chadwick-Juner

Bruce Chandler

Eleanor Cox

Patricia Davidson

Amy Dean

Alana C. DiCicco

Oscar R. Dizon

J Mach Dutton

Richard H. Dutton

Caroline England

Mary Lou Ferbert

Lynn Ferris

Michael Ferris

Diane Forest

Ming Franz

Jane Freeman

Nina Allen Freeman

Joan Frey

Carol Frye

Michiyo Fukushima

Kathie George

Theresa Goesling

Ken Goldman

Laurie Goldstein-Warren

Mel Grunau

Patricia Guzman

Susan Hanssen

Don Harvie

Richard William Haynes

Robin Hegemier

Diane Hickerson

Joyce Hicks

Mike Hill

Terri Hill

Robert Highsmith

Cathy Hillegas

Anne Hudec

Marion W. Hylton

Bill James

John E. James

Vaughn Jennings-White

Steven Thor Johanneson

Kim Johnson

Bev Jozwiak

Chizuru Morii Kaplan

J. Anthony Kosar

Judy Laliberte

Janice Binder Lambert

Valerie Larsen

Alexis Lavine

Richard Lewis

June Mahana

Antonio Masi

David Maxwell

Anne McCartney

Geoff McCormack

Laurin McCracken

David Milton

Sally Sawyer Mitchell

Susan Montague

Diane Morgan

Judy Morris

Susan E. Moyer

Rea Nagel

Vickie Nelson

Ted Nuttall

Christian Olsen

Christy Olson

Roland Palmaerts

Donald W. Patterson

Sandrine Pelissier

Sue Pink

DeAnn Prosia

J. Anna Roberts

Irena Roman

Sueelen Ross

Dennis Roth

Tom Sachade

Sheldon Saint

John Salimen

Tim Saternow

Prafull Sawant

Sandra Schaffer

Thomas W. Schaller

Suzy Schultz

Duncan Simmons

Mary Ann Simon

Julie Deshotels Soldano

Richard Stephens

David L. Stickel

Jan Fabian Wallake

Soon Y. Warren

Carol Weiss

Catharine Woods

Donna Wright

Keiko Yasuoka

Barbara Yoerg

Floy Zittin

Lian Quan Zhen

7 thoughts on “Splash 13 Winners List

  1. S. Jones

    I don’t recognized the majority of the names, but the few I do know, while I admire their work, I don’t know that they do any “alternative approaches” in their painting. As far as I know, they do straight traditional watercolor. I was looking forward to this issue because I was hoping to see some different techniques in watercolor. Already I feel that I am disappointed!

    1. mbostic Post author

      Hi there. Many of the artists were familiar to us as well, and we were surprised (and excited!) to see the new approaches they’re using in their work. I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the book. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. mbostic Post author

      Thanks for entering, Kay, and for the generous attitude. We received a really stellar batch of entries this year—it’s going to be a great book.

  2. C. King

    Thank you for publishing the names of winners in your Splash 12 competition! Looking forward to seeing how some of my “favorite artists” are pushing the envelope in trying new techniques/ideas. And I’m thrilled to see that one of my friends (Bruce Chandler) from 3000 miles away is among the winners–I absolutely LOVE her work (and her).



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