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Last year when I was asked to contribute to this blog, I was both excited and worried. Of course I had been reading blogs and was completely aware of the power and place they occupied the new digital world. My issues was that I have never been a part of the blog explosion other than as a voyeur, checking out what was out there but rarely contributing. Now, six months later, I look forward to the next posting and constantly run ideas through my head and drive my team nuts with constant requests for reviews and thoughts. It has opened up the opportunity to reach out to past colleagues, many of whom have been included in the Q&As we have posted recently.

Beyond this, I see how blogging can be a major part of any marketing plan professionals can use to get their work out in front of the buyers. The growth of this form of web contact/content has in many cases replaced the website. The lower cost and the ability of the user to keep the content fresh makes the blog an arena to consider if building a website is too daunting a task for you to take on.

If you have a website, the blog is a must. This is the place to communicate directly with the visitors to your site, share what you’re about, and show off new images. There are literally thousands of hosts with templates you can customize to your desires, and a bunch that cater to the photography market exclusively.

There is an abundance of success stories from folks who innocently started a blog to share thoughts and images, then, before they knew it, thousands of viewers started following them. Last year, while on a location shoot, I ran into just such a person, Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. Her blog started as a way to share all kinds of things about her life after leaving the big city and moving to a cattle ranch in the Midwest. Ree connected with people, and her followers grew by leaps and bounds in the first year or so. Now she has published two books and is sought after as a speaker all over the country. If you get a chance, check out her site

The form you choose is not important, the content is more so, but the big thing is to get out there. Our profession is filled with very talented photographers who get nowhere and have to resort to the “day job” because no one knows they exist.


2 thoughts on “The blog on blogging

  1. Debbie Viola

    I am slowly realizing the power of blogging. I started a blog via blogger, just because I found that I don’t update my website like I should for my decorative painting business. I told myself I would post a new project a week on my blog, but that hasn’t happened either. I know my blog needs a better design with more to click on, so I can talk about more than just painting. And then once I find someone to get that done, I need to know how to submit and get it “out there”! It’s too time consuming a task, and yet I don’t know how to find someone to do this, and if I did, would it be worth the investment? Decisions, decisions …

    Thank you for sharing The Pioneer Woman, because this is just another example of words I try to live by — you never know.




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