Try something new with your artsy, crafty ideas.

Find it difficult to paint a still life? Imagine jumbling it up. No, not like Picasso with an added geometric design. More like Amy Casey. The article from the provided link compares Casey’s ideas to that of Tim Burton, but they are definitely all of her own imagination.

This kind of art is especially inspiring, as it brings out the fictional ideas … the impossible or unknown. It is especially entertaining and thoughtful because Casey tells a story with her work.

If you’re interested in experimenting with new and untouched (for you) territories of the art realm, here are a few books you may be interested in picking up for some tips:

Altered Curiosities, Assemblage Techniques and Projects

Collage Discovery Workshop Paperback

Digital Expressions, Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop ®

Art Of Personal Imagery, Expressing Your Life Through Collage

Just remember, always stay true to your own ideas and imagination; your view is your gift to the world.

For graphic designers: I hear it’s an especially tough job market out there for you guys. Well, I found this site: Graphic Design Projects. Maybe freelance could turn into more. If nothing else, a more diverse portfolio is worth the time.

Don’t forget to reference the 2010 Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market for more design opportunities.



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