Welcome to Artist’s Market Online!

Welcome to Artist’s Market Online! As the editor of the all-new North Light Books editions of Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and Photographer’s Market, I’m very pleased to introduce you to the online version of these trusted resources. We have created Artist’s Market Online to provide you with everything you’ve come to expect from Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and Photographer’s Market and then some.

As with the books, you’ll have access to over one thousand listings (and counting!) in your interest area (art, photography or design), and the online format allows us to update listings daily so that you always have the most current information. Furthermore, the online database will allow you to perform advanced searches so that you can find the right markets for your work. Then use the My Portfolios feature to track your submissions so that you can record your successes and know when to follow up.

Artist’s Market Online will also keep you informed on the latest news and business practices in your creative field. Read up on current events and market trends in the What’s Happening section. Check out Expert Advice for informative business articles and information straight from industry leaders. Be inspired and get your questions answered by Q&As and interviews with top art, design and photography professionals. And follow along with online seminars, covering topics such as creating an online presence, self-promotion strategies and getting published.

With the “Great Recession” still in full swing, the economic climate is tougher than ever, particularly for freelancers. Staying abreast of the latest market trends and developing your business savvy have never been more important. As always, Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and Photographer’s Market are here to help, and now I hope you can come to depend on Artist’s Market Online to bring you the tools and information you need to succeed.

Keep creating and good luck!

Mary Burzlaff Bostic
Editor, Web and Print

P.S. Check my next post for what you can expect from the Artist’s Market Online blog.


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