What's new in the 2008 edition?

Just to give you a heads up, I’ve added lots of new resources, including grants organizations, artists’ residencies, and more publications, Web sites and blogs to help you network for a successful freelance career.

I’ve also included a totally new geographic index so you can search for markets in your home state and surrounding region. Canadian and International markets are also listed. With the addition of this new index, I’ve decided that listings in the Galleries section will no longer be sorted by state, and listings in the Advertising, Design & Related Markets section will no longer be sorted by region. All listings are now arranged strictly in alpha order, with the exception of Art Fairs — those continue to be listed by region (but they still appear in the Geographic Index).

Articles and Interviews:

  • Motivational Tools of the Trade: Advice from an Experienced Freelancer by Jim Hunt, a nationally recognized cartoonist
  • Self-Promotion in the Modern World by Maria Piscopo, an art rep and expert on business and marketing strategies
  • Success Stories: Patience, Flexibilty and Perseverance Pay, featuring comic book artist Troy Boyle, freelance illustrator Michelle Shortt, and Hilary & Tyler Jenkins, the husband-and-wife design team known as Blacksheep Studios
  • Scott McCloud: Comics Creator and Scholar Shares Industry Theories, an interview with the legendary author himself
  • With Great Power: The Social Responsibility of Political Cartoonists, a roundtable with Michel Kichka of Israel, Cintia Bolio of Mexico, and Jeff Danziger of America

Insider Reports:


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