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Noel Rivera is a Content Developer currently working in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Interview with Leslie M. Ward

When artist and designer Leslie M. Ward closes her eyes, she sees a world infused with broad strokes of vibrant color. As a result, Ward’s deeply emotive, abstract ink and watercolor paintings are experimental and elemental in approach. While working, she allows intense colored inks to flower and spread organically across the working surface,...


Photography Credits in 2017 Photographer’s Market

It has come to our attention that the photography credits for the 2017 Photographer’s Market article “Fine Art Photographers: Top Strategies for Finding Gallery Representation” by Kara Lane were incomplete. We do apologize to her and to photographers Tenna Merchent and Peter Konshak for this oversight. Below are the correct captions and credits for...


2017 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Cover and Articles!

The 2017 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market is headed for the printer soon! This year’s series of articles offers great information on topics such as maintaining your motivation as a freelance artist, knowing the proper etiquette when dealing with galleries, and the importance of brand marketing, in addition to several interviews with amazing artists....


2017 Photographer’s Market Cover and Articles!

The 2017 Photographer’s Market is hitting shelves in a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share the cover and the article lineup! This year we have a great series of articles to help you expand your freelance business, including information on creating a business plan, building your portfolio, and selling through social media....

eBook Cover JPG_From Photographer to Gallery Artist

Marketing Tools for Fine Art Photographers by Kara Lane

Learning how to market yourself and drum up in interest in your work can be one of the more difficult aspects to a creative career. In this post, Kara Lane, author of From Photographer to Gallery Artist, discusses six marketing tools that will help you attract attention to your work. ~Noel   When you’re...

2016 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market

Target Your Talent

Finding your footing in your art career can be as simple as figuring out what, in particular, you do well. Artists sometimes try to over-reach by attempting to do everything instead of focusing on what they most enjoy and excel at. Fletcher Crossman made the decision to target his talent by focusing on and...

2016 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market

Art of Business: Reach Out to New Clients

Looking for ways to reach out to new clients? Try these ideas from Maria Piscopo to give yourself a boost and catch the attention of art directors! ~ Noel Today’s competitive marketplace has most freelancers asking what clients really want when they are buying services. The key is to look at the client you...