Doodle Gift Wrapping Ideas!

tumblr_ngho3n3hZf1rwigpjo1_400Doodle December is all about taking your zen doodle art to the next level. So what better way then applying your favorite doodle designs to your holiday presents?

Check out some cool gift wrapping ideas like this amazing doodle designed present idea from fellow editor, Tonia Jenny! Not only does her blog show a creative way to doodle your gift boxes during the holiday season, but it helps you beat the cost of expensive holiday wrapping paper. So, it’s a win-win!

For more vibrant gift wrapping ideas, you might want to head over to the Create Mixed Media sight to try your hand at coloring your favorite zen doodles. Here, editor Kristy Conlin shares some zen doodle coloring tips to help you add that special splash of color to make all your presents pop!

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