2008 Photographer's Market Is Now Available!

Welcome to the Photographer’s Market blog! The first thing I should tell you is that the 2008 edition of Photographer’s Market is now available. I’m excited about this edition because I think it has something for everyone—from nature photographers to portrait photographers to fine artists—even wedding photographers!



I know many of you are outdoor photographers, so with that in mind, I interviewed one of the best—Ralph Lee Hopkins. His work has been published in National Geographic, Arizona Highways, Audubon, Outside and many other publications. He serves as Director of Photo Expeditions for the Linblad Expeditions/National Geographic alliance, leading photo expeditions to Antarctica, Alaska, Baja California, and other destinations. When I first saw Ralph’s photographs I was impressed by his ability to capture not only the beauty of wildlife but also the character and individuality of his animal subjects. I was also struck by how simple and yet emotional his images are. They make great stock photos because of these qualities. Ralph has a lot to teach photographers about photographing the wilderness as well as how to successfully market their images.   Check out his work at www.wilderlandimages.com. And don’t miss the interview with Ralph in the 2008 edition of Photographer’s Market.

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2 thoughts on “2008 Photographer's Market Is Now Available!

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    Thanks for your kind attention.

    Best wishes and regards from,

    Tony Marques
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