Back up your files with pizzazz

We all back up our files in some way or another. Example: My resume is saved on my computer, my boyfriend’s computer, my ipod (odd, but true), and online. But what if my computer crashed, my boyfriend lost his power cord (true story, it’s just a really heavy paperweight of a laptop now), my ipod fell down stairs (God forbid), or I lose/forget passwords to online accounts that lock me out. This is extreme, but not altogether impossible.

EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. I know, I need to elaborate.

External hard drives (as well as internet storage) are absolutely necessary in protecting yourself from those awful situations when your computer decides to eat all of your important files, leaving you with nothing.

So what is there to do about it? Shop! But shop smart, don’t get ripped off. Don’t pay too much for too little, and get what will fit your needs.

Photographers, meet My Book Studio LX.

-1 or 2 Terabytes (For as low as $150/200 at the right store).
-Display noting free space, and *number of photos.*
-Firewire 800 interface.

Plus, if you’ve got an aluminum mac… perfect match!

Good luck out there, the market’s a tough place.



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