Beef up your portfolio with something exotic

Your portfolio can make or break you; same with your website and
availability. Yet, spicing up your portfolio can take a lot of time and
money. Many options are available.

1) Stay where you are and get
out a lot. This could be really great if there are a lot of community
events, or political rallies. Catch the emotion of the community, that’s
where you’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration.

2) Travel
around. Pick a town, or characteristics of towns that you like, and go
find things to take pictures of. Small town charm is a beauty to
capture, and having a collection of Mayberry-like photos would be really
unique. Or you could completely flip that idea and check out big
cities. Capturing the hustle and bustle of the city worker is exciting
and captures the American workforce as it evolves. Don’t forget that you
do need variety. Showing just one area hurts, but having options in
every area you photograph is excellent.

3) Travel again, but go to exotic places like these.
Selfridges Department Store in Birmingham is a great example of this.
When sitting for a review, responding to the question, “how was this
photo edited?” responding with, “it wasn’t,” would surely be impressive.

No matter what, be true to your own vision. It’s your eye that sets you apart from all the rest, so embrace it!



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