Get Ready To Travel

Get yourself ready for summer vacation. While you’re at it, get your camera ready, too! Here are some helpful hints for traveling with all of your gear:

-Be sure to have an appropriate bag for all of your gear. Your equipment should be secure, and the bag should be well padded to ensure protection. Also, bags with noticeable logos are more likely to be stolen. Never leave your bag unattended.

-Don’t check a camera bag. Just don’t do it.

-Have a lock on your bag, just in case.

-Bring Ziploc bags for your lenses and body, especially if heading to a sandy environment.

-Keep in mind security requirements for airlines. Remove any liquids (lens cleaner and such things) from your bag. Keep your electronics organized as they will be inspected.

-Make a list of everything you have and occasionally check to make sure nothing is missing.


Water shots are great for vacations. There’s something mysterious about oceans, lakes, ponds and rivers that adds interest to your shots.



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