Going to the Mountain

Going to the Mountain


Tomorrow I head to Portland, Oregon, for a week. I visited there last year for the first time. I’d heard about how beautiful the area was and how you could see majestic Mt. Hood from the city. I was a little disappointed when, after being there a few days, I had not once seen Mt. Hood. The constantly overcast skies made it impossible to see. I began to doubt it even existed! Then, on my last day there, the skies cleared and, sure enough, there it was. It was almost like a mirage—it seemed ethereal and distant, and I knew it would soon vanish from my sight again. This time, the weather is supposed to be clearer, and I hope to get a better look at Mt. Hood and maybe even go there. But even if I don’t, there are still many beautiful things to see and photograph. When I return, I hope to share some photos with you.


Visiting new places inspires me. I find that being a photographer helps me see and experience the place more keenly. What inspires you?


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