Megapixel Wars

It seems it’s game on in the ongoing battle between Canon and Nikon. The Nikon D800 is rumored to be out in the next 30 to 60 days, and will boast a 36MP sensor, 4 frames per second shooting rate, and full HD video recording 1920 X 1080 at 30p, among other features. It has been described as a mini D3x, in the pro-sumer frame, with a street price around $4000.

On the other hand, all the rumors flying around earlier this year about the new “Nikon killer” from Canon seem to be without merit. Canon has set two big dates on their “road map,” the first in late October and the second in early November. Everything I have read about this is a disappointment. It seems that Canon will not announce a new DSLR this year, but will introduce two new video cameras. Rumors about the D1s Mark IV and the 5D Mark III with a 54MP sensor, a new Digic processor, and amazing video capabilities were hot and heavy just a few weeks ago. The latest news has dashed all hope that Canon will step up to the challenge.

Those of us who are Canon fans are experiencing a test in our loyalty to the brand. I’ve been using Canon cameras since my beginnings in photography, and I hate to think that I may need to jump ship. Way back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, Canon set the mark when Nikon seemed to abandon the pro and discerning amateur market by focusing their efforts on the cheap all-auto “pocket” cameras. Canon took the ball and built a very strong following. Just look at any sporting event; all you see is those familiar big white lenses. When digital hit its stride, Canon led the innovations and was first to the market with the CMOS chip among many other market-changing innovations. My hope is that Canon, with all these benchmarks to their credit, will push forward and get the new stuff in our hands soon. It’s been too long since the last new big thing from Canon.





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