Money Management for Photographers: New 2016 PM Articles & Interviews

Money Management for Photographers

2016 Photographer's MarketLove it or hate it, dealing with money is a key component of running a successful photography business. While your passion for shooting is why you became a photographer, competently handling your income and outgo allows you to keep doing what you love.

If handling money isn’t your strength, we’re here to help. This edition of Photographer’s Market  includes money management articles on pricing your work, selling without begging, obtaining micro funding for your business, and options for accepting payment from your clients. You’ll also find features on a variety of topics to help keep your business running smoothly and inspiring interviews with three successful photographers. Here’s the complete list:

And, as always, we’ve included more than 1,500 individually verified market contacts (complete with payment information!). So, what’s holding you back?

Keep creating and good luck!



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