New Portrait Ideas: Noah Wolf

Finding new ways attract customers and make your portrait photography business stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. However, Minnesotan photographer Noah Wolf has found a way to do just that. At the start of 2010 Wolf launched his new Avatar: Social Media Portraits series. In exchange for a small fee, each customer receives a personalized photo session and a creative, flattering digital image for unlimited online use.

For $79 Wolf promises the following:
* A photographic experience that will both surprise you and put a smile on your face
* Creative consultation with me on the day of your session.
* A thrilling time in front of the camera 🙂
* Post-session portrait consultation to help choose your favorite image.
* One completely mastered, retouched and enhanced digital file that you leave with the same day! (Can you have more than one?  Of course!)
* No limitations to how you can use your portrait online.
* Finally, you get to upload an image that makes you look and feel great.


Keep shooting and finding new ways to market your work!


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