Not so sure about wifi cameras…

Samsung has officially released the word of its ST80 digital camera, the latest soon-to-be hit (or so it seems). Seemingly ideal with its sleek design and wifi capabilities, this camera is taking small and convenient to a whole new level.

Can you imagine sending your photos to your email right from your camera, or to your facebook without all the hassle? It’s basically what any camera phone can do, just with better quality.

It has 3X optical zoom, a 3″ touchsceen display with 720p 30fps H.264 video recording capabilities.

1) Samsung: How good are their cameras? I’ve only owned one phone, but the screen on that wasn’t too great.
2) Touchscreen: Does it have to be synchronized all the time like touchscreen phones?

What do you guys think about this news? Worth looking into, or just another product on the shelf?

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