Photographing babies: Now that’s a skill.

Babies are everywhere. No, really, they are. Everywhere I go somebody either has a baby or two, or they’re about to go into labor.

So, when times get tough and you need to earn some extra cash (without losing your sanity), a few tips might help you out with this extra market. (Everybody wants baby pictures!)

This is what I came across today:
Baby Photography: Photographing Babies Without Losing Your Mind

Most importantly: BE PATIENT! Babies are very sensitive, they can almost always tell if you’re tense or becoming agitated, so take a deep breath. If you’re calm, there’s a better chance that the child will be as well.

Remember, it takes time.

Or you could always do it the easy way and wait until they fall asleep.

                                      Meet Olivia. 🙂                   ©Joie Christine


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