Right with light: a discussion on the tools of the trade, part 3

Last week Apple finally released a long-awaited upgrade. Final Cut X is a complete rebuild of the popular video-editing program first released about 10 years ago. And, for me, it’s a redemption from the disappointment of the last upgrade, Final Cut 7

Since the early 2000s, Final Cut Pro began to develop a large and expanding user base, mainly video hobbyists and independent filmmakers as a better and more powerful choice than the iMovie program included with OS X. It has, in later years especially, made inroads with film and television editors, who have traditionally used other more expensive and complicated programs. The Pro and Studio versions of the program were an all inclusive package, including many “add-ons” that made it a cheaper alternative to Adobe’s competing products that had to be purchased independently.

There are two advantages that rise to the top: First this is a 64-bit program and will take full advantage of the last and next OS updates. Second and most important is the price point. No longer do you need to fork over $1000 plus for the Studio version. Final Cut X is offered at $299.99, the same price the last two upgrades were offered at and includes the extras once part of the Studio package. The color correction and audio editing components are now included in the Final Cut App, with the motion and compressor offered at  $49.99 each. So for $400 you can have the same stuff the Hollywood pros use.

In past discussions we have talked about how important adding video production to your professional services is and will be in the future. This new release makes the hurt much more bearable and offers all the tools you need to take that step. So far, the only issue I have seen is that you have to run Snow Leopard on your Mac, as this will only be offered through the Apple App Store online. This will also be true when the new OS Lion is released next month. This is and seems to be the future for Apple’s new Apps: no more disks, just click to buy. Their point is to make it easier, faster and cheaper to make all of your upgrades.



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