Small cameras are still the craze.

It seems that everybody has a small, pocket-sized camera in their possession; heck, even my 5-year-old niece has one!

With all the competition in mind, the camera companies have shifted from affordability/availability to quality (since the options have maxed out interest with so many sizes, functions and colors).

According to a Reuters article, Canon is striving to produce a small high-quality camera, for those of us who are on-the-go and want our spontaneous shots to be worth it.

Canon hopes these cameras will increase sales. I hope these cameras will increase the public standards of a good shot :).

It will be interesting to see how they market the item…either as a step-up from the PowerShot, an extra pocket camera for the pros, or both. No specs available as of now, but I’ll keep you informed.

The Intern


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