Social Networking REALLY is THAT Important!

You’ve heard it before… so many times you’ve been told that social networking is a great way to get seen. Have you listened to these wise words? If so, how far have you gone?

Fortunately, or unfortunately (it’s hard to judge at this point), networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the leading ways to share news, photos, and information overall.

If you don’t have a site, do yourself a favor—get one. Get a Facebook account (even if it’s just to show off your artwork), link it to a Twitter account (so your any updates are recorded on both) and share as much as you can. It may just be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job.

Many employers have admitted that they “google” potential employees, and even check social networking sites so they know “who” they are hiring. Whether it’s a good way to judge a person is up for debate… either way, it’s what is done.

Here’s a success story:

365 Days 2010 Self Portraits

Motivated yet?


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