Sports shots are tricky, here are some tips.

Sports photography is tough. Not only are you concerned with lighting (as usual) and focus, but there’s so much movement you’ve really got to pay attention. Here are some tips for taking sports photos:

8 Tips On How to Photograph Sports

Like with everything, sports photography takes practice. It also gives you a bit of a workout.

Above all, remember these simple rules:
1) Use the correct lense. Using the wrong one just won’t do. No micro-lenses; your 35 mm lense might do it, but check with somebody with experience with a similar model of camera to yours what’s worked best for them.
2) Always, always, always shoot in a raw format when you’re unsure. Having the larger file size is easier for editing, and in editing you’ll find your mistakes. This way you can at least save a few photos (since raw formats allow more editing power).



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