Exploring New Niches—Is it Ever a Good Idea?

Types of Photography Careers

berry tart food photography by Ric Deliantoni

Food photography is one of the many photography niches you can explore.

The thought that you must grow, both in your skills, talent and experience is a key at least in my mind to the success of any business. So it goes with out saying that exploring new niches is always a good idea.  The landscape of the photography business is continually changing, opening new niches all the time, so research, keeping up with changes and exploration is something that should be in the forefront of all the decisions you make. However, it’s also important to avoid overextending yourself and becoming a “Jack of all trades and the master of none,” so find the types of photography that fit within your skills and interests.

Your research in this matter will largely depend on the market you work in and the markets you wish to grow into.  Another thing about niches is that some may be trend-focused, so timing is key on both ends, when to get in and get out. The basic niches in photography are more or less stable and cover a wide range of markets and subjects

A partial list:

  • Panorama
  • Science and Medical
  • Fine Art
  • Photojournalism
  • Food
  • Underwater
  • Military
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Pets
  • Dolls and Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Commercial (advertising)
  • Event
  • Boudoir
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Publishing
  • Catalog/web-based advertising

Within many of subjects on this list there are some sub-groups to consider that drill down into specialties that may require unique skills and equipment to compete in the market.

I’ve said this before and will again, choose something you’re passionate about when you consider expanding. Make a commitment, and keep up with all that’s new in these niches, both positive and negative. And most of all don’t get stuck into something; know when to get in and out of short-lived trends. You want to keep fresh and be “The One” that people go to not “That One“ people talk about.

Learn more about finding your niche in this Photographer’s Market article by Vik Orenstein.

Ric Deliantoni is a professional photographer and director with thirty years of experience, with a focus on still-life and lifestyle imagery for advertising, design and publishing. He has developed a unique style that has been described as impressionistic and bold. Ric has also spent much of his career teaching and mentoring students of all levels to better themselves as artists.



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