2016 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market

Target Your Talent

Finding your footing in your art career can be as simple as figuring out what, in particular, you do well. Artists sometimes try to over-reach by attempting to do everything instead of focusing on what they most enjoy and excel at. Fletcher Crossman made the decision to target his talent by focusing on and...

Throwback Thursday: Steve Diamant Q&A

Throwback Thursday’s Insider Report on Steve Diamant by Elizabeth Exler Located in Soho in New York, nationally renowned art gallery, Arcadia, is the brainchild of Steve Diamant, a creative visionary who has an unerring eye for picking winners and a reputation for staging exciting events featuring extraordinary artwork, where you might spot celebrities such...

New art and design competitions

Entering competitions is a great way to get your art or design work noticed, and winning cash or other prizes is certainly a bonus. If you haven’t entered a competition lately (or even if you have), check out these new competitions from AMO’s sister sites and First Annual Acrylic Artist Competition: The...

DragonWorld coming soon – featuring illustrations from 49 artists

I just received advance copies of the new book DragonWorld: 120 Dragons with Advice and Inspiration from 49 International Artists. I designed the cover and interior, but the real star of the book are the 120 dragon illustrations from 49 amazing artists. Click through to learn more about this cool collection of dragons.

Voyage to Michaelania

Spectrum 18 to feature illustrator Lisa L. Cyr

Our good friend Lisa L. Cyr, an accomplished illustrator, artist and designer, has just announced that her painting Voyage to Michaelania will be featured in Spectrum 18: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art! The Spectrum annual is a showcase of the best fantastic illustration and art from each year.

Promoting your business

At any level of our profession, promoting your work is the key to staying in the game. In the age of instant communication many of us may neglect the power of a printed promotional marketing piece or campaign. You may have a topnotch website and a book that blows away all those who see it....