2012 AGDM and PM update: articles and listings

It’s been busy here at Artist’s Market Online headquarters! We’re now moving full steam ahead on the 2012 editions of Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and Photographer’s Market, and a lot has happened this week.

We are very pleased to welcome our new AGDM/PM Market Books Assistant, Stacy Heyderhoff. Stacy joined us Monday and already has a great start on verifying existing market listings and adding new ones. With Stacy’s help, I’m confident that we’ll have more listings than ever before, and each listing will have the accurate information you need to sell your work.

While Stacy has been working on listings, I’ve been focusing on articles. We’re actually doubling the number of articles and interviews this year (12 new articles in each book!), so we have lots of good stuff in store. I hope to finalize my list early next week, so stay tuned.

Until then, have a great weekend!


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