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Have you dreamed of seeing your art on an album cover? Make your dream a reality! Ariana Records is looking for cutting-edge artists to produce art for album covers, posters and more. Get the complete contact and submission details below and submit your album cover art for consideration. You can also search all of the record label listings here.

Keep creating and good luck!





1312 S. Avenida Polar, #A-8
Tucson, AZ 85710

Phone: (520)790-7324
E-mail: jtiom@aol.com
Website: www.arianarecords.net


Estab. 1980

Labels include Smart Monkey Records, The MoleHole Studio, Chumway Studios and newly added Mudbone Records South. Produces CDs, low-budget films, rock, funk, strange sounds, soundtracks for films. Produces 4-6 music releases/year, 2 films/year. Prefers freelancers with experience in cover design. Uses artwork for CD covers, posters, flyers, T-shirts, design, illustration, multimedia projects. “We are looking to work with new cutting-edge artists.”

Contact & Terms

Send postcard sample of work or link to website. “Everything is filed. We will contact you if interested.” Responds in 2-3 months. Pays by the project.


“Send your best! Simple but cool!”

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7 thoughts on “Featured Market: Ariana Records

  1. A.D. Conway

    I do tattoos, music, paint, and sketch constantly and am trying to make extra money doing these while waiting on customers. I stay pretty busy working on projects, can meet various deadlines and am very self motivated. My style is pretty much urban hip hop tattoo I would suppose but can conform to whats needed.
    A.D. Conway

  2. Christopher Vardaman

    I am looking to make album covers for any genre of music. I am a very creative person who can take the idea of an album cover art to another level.

  3. Ricardo Fernandes

    I come hereby present my services as a graphic designer. I usually work with and for Heavy Metal & Rock artists, though i can and have branch out to other Musical Genres, i also do book covers and banners/posters as promotion for ur agency or record label/service for music and related. My works are cheap (in price)  yet professional looking.

    I am eager to work with you.
    Ricardo Fernandes

    Check my done & available works at:


    * CD includes front,back, cd round, booklet ( how many pages , digipack or other special templates … also i can included banners, adds, posters … no more than 120€

    * BOOK COVERS includes front and back no more than 80€

    *some works are pre-done just needing some minor editing to fit your desires.

    Enviado de Fast Notepad

  4. Fulton j Hobbs

    Hi , I’d love you guys to check out my art. I’ve already done numerous album covers . If you’d like to check out my Instagram it’s : Fulton Hobbs.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Christian L. Campbell

    Please consider using my art as CD covers. My growing portfolio contains many science fiction, fantasy, and horror themed images of my own creation. Thank you for your consideration.

    Christian L. Campbell



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