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During your school years did you ever dream of seeing your artwork or photography on the cover of one of your text books? Well, perhaps not…. Nevertheless, text book illustrations and covers are a great way sell art and get your work in front of thousands of readers. Allyn and Bacon publishes college text books on a variety of subjects and works with freelance photographers, illustrators and designers. Get all the contact info and submission details below. You can also search all of our book publisher listings here.

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445 Hutchinson Ave.
Columbus, OH 43235

Website: www.allynbaconmerrill.com


For Photographers: Publishes college textbooks. Photos used for text illustrations, book covers. Examples of recently published titles: Criminal Justice, Including Students With Special Needs, Social Psychology (text illustrations and promotional materials). Offers one assignment plus 80 stock projects/year.

For Artists/Designers: Publishes more than 300 hardcover and paperback college textbooks/year. 60% require freelance cover designs. Our subject areas include education, psychology and sociology, political science, theater, music and public speaking.


For Photographers: Photos of babies/children/teens, celebrities, couples, multicultural, families, parents, senior citizens, disasters, education, special education, science, technology/computers. Interested in fine art, historical/vintage. Also uses multi-ethnic photos in education, health and fitness, people with disabilities, business, social sciences, and good abstracts. Reviews stock photos. Model/property release required.

For Artists/Designers: Designers must be strong in book cover design and contemporary type treatment. 50% of freelance work demands knowledge of Illustrator, Photoshop and FreeHand.


Uses b&w prints, any format, all transparencies. Accepts images in digital format.

Making Contact & Terms

For Photographers: Send via CD, ZIP, e-mail as TIFF, EPS, PICT, GIF, JPEG files at 72 dpi for review, 300 dpi for use. See photo and art specifications online.


Assigns 100 design jobs and 2-3 illustration jobs/year. Pays for design by the project, $500-1,000. Pays for illustration by the project, $500-1,000. Prefers sophisticated, abstract style in pen & ink, airbrush, charcoal/pencil, watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage and calligraphy.


For Photographers: “Send tearsheets and promotion pieces. Need bright, strong, clean abstracts and unstaged, nicely lit people photos.”

For Artists/Designers: “Keep stylistically and technically up to date. Learn not to over-design. Read instructions and ask questions. Introductory letter must state experience and include at least photocopies of your work. If I like what I see, and you can stay on budget, you’ll probably get an assignment. Being pushy closes the door. We primarily use designers based in the Boston area.”

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