Art Freelance Must-Have Skills

*Originally published in Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market 1999.

Are you wondering what the art world is expecting from you? Then here’s a few helpful tips you might want to consider before mass querying all your favorite agencies and firms. Advertising agencies and design firms hire the following freelance creative talent on a project-by-project basis:

Ad agencies and design firms hire illustrators to provide fresh images and a variety of styles.

Design and production freelancers.
Art directors need freelancers who have polished computer skills on Mac graphic programs, who know how to spec type, create layouts and produce charts and graphs. They might hire you to work on a project at home on your Mac, or ask you to work on their premises.

Design firms specializing in exhibit design for museums or trade shows often rely on freelancers with knowledge of sculpture and model-making techniques.

Calligraphers, lettering artists and font designers.
Some advertising and design firms turn to freelancers who specialize in attractive or unusual lettering or fonts.

Multimedia designers and animators.
There is a growing need for freelancers who can create websites and work on CD-ROM projects.

Storyboard artists.
Artists who have experience drawing storyboards pick up assignments from design firms as well as advertising agencies.

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