Featured Market: City News Service, LLC

Want to sell your editorial cartoons or caricatures? Check out this week’s featured market, City News Service, LLC. This syndicate works with 12 or more artists a year and is particularly interested in tax and business subjects. See the complete contact and submission info below. You can search through all our syndicate market listings here.

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P.O. Box 39
Willow Springs, MO 65793

Phone: (417)469-4476
E-mail: cns@cnsus.org
Website: www.cnsus.org


Estab. 1969

Editorial service providing editorial and graphic packages for magazines.


Buys from 12 or more freelance artists/year. Considers caricatures, editorial cartoons, and tax and business subjects as themes, considers b&w line drawings and shading film.

Contact & Terms

Send query letter with résumé, tearsheets or photocopies. Samples should contain business subjects. “Send 5 or more b&w line drawings, color drawings, shading film or good line-drawing editorial cartoons.” Does not want to see comic strips. Samples not filed are returned by SASE. Responds in 4-6 weeks. To show a portfolio, mail tearsheets or photostats. Pays 50% of net proceeds, pays flat fee of $25 minimum. “We may buy art outright or split percentage of sales.”


“We have the markets for multiple sales of editorial support art. We need talented artists to supply specific projects. We will work with beginning artists. Be honest about talent and artistic ability. If it isn’t there, don’t beat your head against the wall.”

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