LEGO Pinhole Camera: A Miniature Creation That Packs a Punch

Believe it or not, but artist Ryan H. Eldeem was able to create a pinhole camera out of nothing more than a 2×2 LEGO brick. You know, the toys you played with as a kid and accidentally stepped on as an adult – those are the ones!

For those of you (me included) not familiar with the dynamics of the inner workings of a LEGO brick, Eldeem explains on his website that he had to cut out the brick’s tube. He then taped up the bottom of the brick and used a piece of brass – placing a pinhole-sized cut into it. Then voila! A camera is made. Though not seen in this photo, paper actually rests in the back of the brick where it can then be printed on and made accessible to any amateur LEGO photographers in the vicinity (like the one seen in this photo).

Overall, this is a truly unique creation and it begs the question of whether or not we should plan on seeing LEGO sized photography in any of the upcoming contests and art fairs found in the new 2015 Photographer’s Market book.

We’ll keep our eyes open, just in case…

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