Photographer Tips by Denny Eilers

Denny Eilers_3125Originally published in 2010 Photographer’s Market and written by Kim Andersen.


10 Tips for the Balanced Photographer:

1.) Hire an assistant to do the digital port-processing. This allows you more time to shoot pictures without having to take time out to process them properly.

2.) Understand copyright laws and releases.

3.) In your specialty areas, “go deep, go wide.” Research as in-depth as you can and know your area well.

4.) Keep good, current business records.

5.) Learn the business inside out.

6.) Equipment needs to be a up-to-date as possible for you to be competitive.

7.) Think about your photography as a business which includes health insurance and retirement plans.

8.) Don’t ever get caught without a release.

9.) Attend major trade shows in the area you’ve decided to specialize in.

10.) Remember to “ready, aim, fir,” not “ready, fire, aim.” Set up the picture, take a good one, and know where you’re going to sell it. Taking a lot of pictures with no idea where to sell them is not a good use of your time.

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