Splash 13 watercolor competition deadline extended

Hi there.

I just got word that North Light Books has extended the Splash 13 watercolor competition deadline to December 31. The Splash books are North Light’s hardbound showcase of the best in contemporary watercolors.

You can check out Splash 11 here (Splash 12 is still in production):

The theme for the Splash 13 competition is “alternative approaches.” This can mean anything from you, the artist, finding a personal alternative that is new to you—perhaps a way to solve a particular painting challenge—or it can be an approach that is quite innovative. “Approach” can refer to any part of the painting process from subject matter to composition, to technique or tools used. If selected, you will be asked to explain your alternative approach. We look for excellence in a variety of styles and subjects. The dominant medium must be transparent watercolor, though minor uses of other media are acceptable.

Click here to enter the Splash 13 competition online. Or print out an entry form here.

Good luck!


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